Simpson stories

Tim finds Home at Simpson

 “Sometimes I find myself asking if I’m worthy of these kinds of blessings, because there are so many families who need help. I want to be self reliant and stand up on my own two feet ... It’s definitely motivation and inspiration to continue to strive to do your best no matter what is going on.”


Sam K. is in housing

Getting to the heart of the matter

Sam had stayed the Simpson Men’s Shelter for a night here and there over the last few years, but received a 28-day bed in February of 2009. “When you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to sleep, eat, and shower each night, it allows you to focus on some other things."



Geraldine has become a morning person

This is easier to do now that she has her own bed to wake up in every morning. Being a morning person comes in handy during her shift tending the breakfast bar at a Comfort Inn in a Minneapolis suburb.


Simpson volunteer Tracy

Serving at the shelter

Tracy began volunteering with Simpson by serving dinner at the men’s shelter with his church, First Universalist. “I was so amazed by the kindness of the men towards each other. No one would go up for second helpings until they knew everyone had eaten,” he says.