Meet Anne

Posted on February 1st, 2017

“I am a professor at Metropolitan State University. I have connected dozens of law enforcement and criminal justice students with Simpson for service learning opportunities as part of a course I teach called “Citizenship and Community Involvement.”

Simpson is by far my most recommended service learning opportunity for students because it introduces them to issues of urban poverty that many of them have never experienced from the perspective of a concerned citizen. Additionally, I love Simpson because the staff — especially Christina — have always treated our students so well, accommodating hectic schedules and making sure that volunteers gain knowledge about both homelessness and an extraordinarily well run response to it.

Volunteering at Simpson provides my students with insights and understandings that are impossible to deliver in the classroom experience alone. After serving at Simpson, they bring new skills and values into the law enforcement and criminal justice professions that they train for at Metro State.

By training and hosting student volunteers, Simpson spreads awareness in the general public about problems related to housing and hunger in the Twin Cities.”

-Professor Anne Cross, School of Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice, Metropolitan State University