Meet Tony

Posted on February 15th, 2017

Tony with his sons, Adam (L) and Connor (R)

Tony Szczepaniak first got involved with Simpson ten years ago through his church, Immanuel Lutheran church, Eden Prairie. “My involvement began as the church coordinator and all around cheerleader to raise awareness and engage volunteers,” Tony says. “It felt like the right thing to do.”

Over the years, he’s increased his involvement with Simpson holding an annual charity tournament to benefit the organization and sponsoring 4-6 breakfasts each year at the shelter. Now, Tony serves as Simpson’s Board Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee.

“I have been incredibly blessed and want to share, in fact feel called to share. Although it sounds cliché, in serving, I receive and am blessed right back with a changed perspective and attitude about life in general. My heart is filled with the joy of knowing that these hands and feet make small differences in the world. I may not always hear and see them, but just knowing they are made is enough to fill and warm my heart,” Tony says.

Tony also shares his service with his children. Several years ago, Tony brought his two oldest sons along to serve dinner at the shelter. It was a cold and rainy October night. They prepared and served dinner and chatted with shelter guests. As Tony and his sons left for the evening, one son asked “Dad, where do the people who don’t have a bed at the church go?” Tony explained they were homeless, they sleep where they can. Tony recalls, “I could see the stunned look on their faces in the rearview mirror.  They were multiple expressions of emotions combined in one – sadness, disbelief, incomprehension, and fortune. This organization has changed me, changed us, change our lives. We are blessed, through Simpson, to have the opportunity to serve those experiencing homelessness and maybe, just maybe, extend a little miracle to help them change theirs.”