Meet Jean

Posted on February 20th, 2017

“To provoke thought and to get you to actively participate and engage in your own life.” That’s Jean Loyd’s personal mission statement. It guides her life, both personal and professional. Jean’s been working at Simpson for nine years and her mission statement drives her work.

“I like asking people questions. I’m not trying to be nosy, I’m just curious. And for whatever reason, people open up to me,” Jean says.

Jean considers it an honor to be Senior Family Advocate at Simpson. “To have our participants let me into their lives means a lot to me,” she says.

Maybe Jean’s participants open up to her because years ago, she was in their shoes. With three children, Jean stayed at a domestic violence shelter and later, a supportive housing program. At one point, her family stayed on the floor of her aunt’s living room for eight months. Jean was using drugs and 24 years ago, knew she had to make a change. “I realized I didn’t want to die and have this be my story,” she recounts.

She worked hard to stabilize her life for her family and now she puts her experiences to good use for her participants.

Jean’s had a variety of roles within Simpson over her tenure and takes each new challenge in stride. And this past year has brought a lot of change. Jean bought a house and transitioned into a new position and new office at Simpson. “All the moves seem like a good fit for me now.”

Family Housing Director Janelle Leppa says, “Jean embraces new opportunities and challenges. I am deeply grateful that her heart still remains focused on how she can best support families after nearly a decade to Simpson.”

Jean takes her role with families seriously knowing that sharing her experiences can create a stronger connection. “Some of our families are so overwhelmed it’s easier to hide. I’ve been there,” Jean says.

This year, Jean was able to celebrate the holidays in her new home, surrounded by her family. “The new house just felt like home,” she recalls. Her five grandchildren visit more now and with a sixth one on the way, she’s thankful for a space to call her own.

“I have a great life