Inspiration from a young volunteer

Posted on June 29th, 2017

Joshua Kortgard is not your average 14 year old boy. Sure, he likes playing tennis, video games, but he also spends his time collecting toiletries to donate to Simpson’s Shelter.

It all started a few years ago on a family trip to Chicago. Josh saw people on the streets and started asking questions:

“Where do they sleep?”
“Can they come live with us?”

“How do they brush their teeth?”
“Can we buy them a house?”

His mom, Lori, tried to answer his questions and was touched that her son cared so deeply for strangers. When they got back to their hotel they scooped up all the toiletries to donate when they got home. The Kortgards did that every day of their trip, collecting as many little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and mouth wash as they could.

“Everybody can do something,” Josh says.

Josh’s passion for helping people didn’t stop when they returned home to Shakopee. He started asking friends and family for spare toiletries, telling them about how some people don’t have homes and asking if they could help.

“He just has one of those kind hearts,” Lori says of her son, beaming with pride.

Josh’s first donation to Simpson was a big box of travel toiletries he had been collecting for months and four years later, he’s still collecting donations for people experiencing homelessness. This time around, friends and neighbors provided enough money to purchase new quilts for shelter guests.

When you ask Josh why he cares so deeply, he’ll just shrug and smile shyly.

“I like helping people.”