Meet Randy: A Shelter Volunteer

Posted on August 24th, 2017

Randy Pottebaum may be retired, but he’s not done helping others. For two years, Randy has volunteered his time at Simpson’s Shelter 3-4 evenings a month. He stocks and cleans up the supply closet, he makes coffee for guests, and then greets them as they enter the shelter for the evening. And what makes Randy qualified to volunteer at the shelter?

“Being welcoming and open – those are the only traits you have to have,” Randy says.

Randy spent his professional career as a child psychologist at an office near the shelter and didn’t have a lot of spare time when he was working to volunteer. Now that he’s retired, he feels he can dedicate more time to volunteering at Simpson and other organizations in the community.

“I’ve spent my whole life helping people who were struggling and volunteering at the shelter is just an extension of that,” Randy says.

And the shelter staff appreciate the time and talents of volunteers. Marian Wright has been a Shelter Advocate for 9 years and works alongside volunteers each night at the shelter. “Randy’s amazing and he is a great friend to a lot of our guests. Every time we see Randy on the schedule we are delighted! Thank you to Randy for being such a genuinely nice presence at the shelter and a great support to our staff and guests,” Marian says.

Have you been thinking about volunteering at Simpson’s Shelter? Are you nervous about trying something new? Randy says you’ve got nothing to lose.

“Just try it. If you’ve never volunteered with an organization before, there’s a lot of anxiety. But try it out, see if it’s for you.

Come for a training shift and see if you like the work. If you show up three times, you’ll know for sure.”

Simpson’s always looking for volunteers; at the shelter, with children and youth, and helping with families. We probably have a volunteer opportunity that’s just right for you.

Take it from Randy: “Anytime people volunteer, they have certain ideas and expectations. It’s about putting those aside, stepping back from your life, and helping people. It’s just about being helpful.

To learn more about volunteering at Simpson, visit our the volunteer opportunities page here.