Talisha finds “Blessings that wouldn’t stop” through Simpson

Posted on July 31st, 2018

Talisha is a goal-oriented working mother, devoted to the needs of her four children. A year ago she and her family faced homelessness. Without a support system to fall back on, Talisha and her kids lived in a large Minneapolis shelter for nine months. Talisha found daily life in the shelter challenging. “The negativity, difficulty with childcare, and long wait for housing were frustrating,” she says. 

An acquaintance gave Talisha the email address of a Hennepin County worker and suggested Talisha contact her for help. Talisha reached out and within a day she was connected to Simpson’s Rapid Rehousing Program. Very quickly, Talisha created positive outcomes for her family.  

Talisha set goals, and she achieved them ahead of schedule. She worked closely with her Simpson staff advocate, Autumn, to secure an apartment for her family within just a few weeks. Talisha is thrilled to have her own schedule and independence. “I’m excited to see that my kids are comfortable. They can go in their own rooms. They can play in the yard, and I can watch them,” she says. 

Talisha’s new housing gave her the stability she needed to land a new job and find reliable childcare. She found a preschool that is a great match for her daughter, and her kids will be going to camp for the first time this summer. Talisha plans on finishing her GED, so she can take a college course in office management. Even in the midst of her own challenges, she plans to set aside time to help people who are experiencing homelessness.  

Talisha expresses appreciation for the support of Simpson and Autumn along her journey. “I’m grateful.  Once thing started happening. Then another. Good things started happening back to back. Blessings that wouldn’t stop” she says. 

Autumn is proud of Talisha and the incredible work she has done to support her family’s needs. “This is coordinated care in the truest sense. Talisha has a group of people around her that want her to succeed and support her family. Talisha is such a great person to work with. She has drive. She wants to work and take care of her family. … I know she is going to succeed in all her goals. Her family is the main thing in her life. And they are thriving,” says Autumn.