Sarah and Victor: A Family’s Story of Finding Home and Moving Forward

Posted on October 31st, 2018

Advocate Jessica and Simpson participant, Sarah, work together to support the family’s goals. 

Sarah and Victor and their two children, young Victor and Aliyah have been with Simpson since January 2018.  Prior to Simpson, the family lived in a shelter for one year and had been without stable housing since 2016. After connecting with their Simpson Advocate, Jessica, the family secured permanent housing within one month.  

Settled into their new home, the family had the stability they needed to move forward, enjoy a predictable routine, and experience success. Sarah continued her work as a Personal Care Assistant. Two-year-old Aliyah experienced stable housing for the first time in her life and was overjoyed with the opportunity to run around the house. 

Ten-year-old Victor improved both his attendance and behavior at school. When he received his backpack from the Simpson Tools for School backpack drive, his mom recalls, “he didn’t take it off for a week!” Victor also enjoys Simpson Family Housing Program activities like a recent rock-climbing outing with other kids his age. 

Sarah and Victor’s children, Aliyah and young Victor, in their new home.

In March, Sarah connected with Maya, a Simpson Early Childhood Specialist who helped her navigate the healthcare system to best support the health needs of her daughter Aliyah, who has a mild case of cerebral palsy.  As Aliyah grew it became clear that her limp was affecting her ability to run and play safely.  

Maya assisted Sarah by going to medical appointments and figuring out next steps for Aliyah. Ultimately, Aliyah had a medical procedure that improved her mobility. Maya continues to support Aliyah’s development by bringing games and books and fostering her love of learning.  

Maya shares her observations of Sarah as a devoted mother, “Sarah has been such a remarkable support for her kids. She continues to stand by their side, overcoming barriers, and providing them with the best care possible.” 

Sarah is thankful for Simpson and the support and advocacy that Jessica and Maya have provided her family. “There are so many different things Simpson has done to help us … stability and knowing that we have everything we need; knowing we will be alright; getting back on our feet and being able to move forward –– you guys have just been so awesome,” she says.