Homeless Memorial Service Reading: “We Carry Their Names”

Posted on December 20th, 2018

At the 34th Annual Minnesota Homeless Memorial March and Service, the community gathered to remember 100 homeless friends, 89 formerly homeless folks, and 16 advocates who passed away in 2018. The service include the inaugural reading of “We Carry Their Names” by committee member, Carina Aleckson.

We Carry Their Names

In solidarity with
All who sleep outside
Who sleep in shelters
To show they are us, and we are them
All:  We carry their names

To remember, to mourn, to celebrate
To offer our support
To ensure that no life, no death
No passing from here to the beyond
Is unseen or unacknowledged
All:  We carry their names

We speak the names of those who are no longer with us.
Names of people we knew
Names of strangers
Names of relatives
Names of ones whose names are not known.
All:  We carry their names

We share memories of struggles:
Tears, battles lost
Memories that haunt us, and fuel our work.
We share memories of good times:
Laughter, successes
Memories that heal, and keep us warm.
All:  We carry their names

Buoyed by embracing loss
And sharing comfort
We leave with full hearts
Until we gather again
All:  We carry their names

Pastor Walter Lockhart, reading “We Carry Their Names”