A Simpson Community Partner: Modo Yoga 

Posted on April 8th, 2019

Phil Doucette and Ryann Doucette, owners of Modo Yoga Minneapolis

Modo Yoga Minneapolis, owned and operated by Phil Doucette and Ryann Doucette, has been sharing the mission of yoga with its health-minded clientele for eight years. Central to Modo Yoga are its six pillars – Be Peace, Be Healthy, Live Green, Live to Learn, Be Accessible, and Community Support — all of which guide the business decisions and build a tangible experience of community within and beyond the studio. 

Modo Yoga is intentional and committed to its vision of building community.  Within the studio there is a large community zone where members can talk with one another before and after class. The studio is a devicefree zone, so people can focus on each other and their yoga practice. Kjirsten FogelsonSima Leader at Modo Yoga, organizes Karma projects that provide numerous opportunities for studio members to connect and serve in the community. 

Five years ago, Modo Yoga started its community partnership with Simpson Housing Services. Former Simpson board member and Modo Yoga member, Tom McGuire, shared Simpson’s work with the Modo Yoga team and encouraged them to get involved.  

Ever since, Modo Yoga has gone above and beyond to serve Simpson guests and provide generous financial support to the organization. Modo Yoga members serve dinner to guests at the shelter one evening per month.  

“A service project is in people’s comfort zones. People will volunteer together at Simpson. They get to know each other and have a connection when they get back to the studio. It’s an easy ice breaker to be of service,” says Ryann. 

Phil and Ryann notice that their members are grateful for an opportunity to help and share this service experience with family and friends. “People love to bring their kids. They get to do something with their child, and their child sees something real when they are serving. People are struggling. The parents that bring their kids  they love that experience,” says Phil. 

During January and February, Modo Yoga and its members focus on raising money for Simpson. Modo Yoga has designated Simpson as its Karma charity during these winter months when people experiencing homelessness face the harsh Minnesota weather. Each month of the year Modo Yoga sponsors a Karma charity, and proceeds from each Friday night class during the month are donating to a selected organization.  

Modo Yoga looks for creative and ongoing ways to support Simpson.  Phil has emceed Simpson’s annual Art 4 Shelter event two times. Modo Yoga also provides an additional annual gift to Simpson. 

The meaningful partnership between Simpson and Modo Yoga is rooted in its commitment to shared values. “We like to support work that creates sustainability. We love the work that Simpson is doing to help people get on their feet. Helping people get into housing. Finding jobs and providing ongoing support, so people can remain in their housing and be sustainable.” 

Modo Yoga is a franchise business with over 70 studios around the world. The Minneapolis-based Modo Yoga studio is open 365 days per year with over 60 classes offered from early morning to late evening hours. Click here to learn more about Modo Yoga Minneapolis.