Art 4 Shelter Artist: Annette Fournet

Posted on April 29th, 2019

As an acclaimed fine art photographer, Annette’s work is influenced predominately by photography, both analogue and digital, and also by other media such as painting. Themes in her art include Wabi-sabi, longing, and currently the concept of women as goddesses. 

Annette’s interest in art began when she was very young. “My mother said I was drawing on walls by the age of two. I have always known that making art was something I wanted to be involved with. Attending an art school rather than university was probably one of the best decisions of my life,” she says.    

Annette describes how her dual career as an artist and educator provides a unique life balance that enhances her work and purpose. “I am fortunate to be a teacher. It has given me the space and time to be an artist. Often it is a blessing that feeds intellectual curiosity and research, and sometimes it is a negative force that can drain your emotional resources. At the end of the day, it is the best job you can have.” 

As a three-year donor to Art 4 Shelter, Annette is interested in helping to end homelessness, and she finds donating her art a natural way for her to contribute. 

Thomas Deans Gallery in Atlanta, GA and Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla, CA represent Annette’s work. Her work is also exhibited in galleries and museums in France, Korea, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Korea, and the United States. 

Annette’s photographs are included in public and corporate collections such as the Bibliotheque Nationale, San Diego Museum of Photographic Art, Houston Museum of Fine Art, Prague House of Photography, New Orleans Museum of Art, and others. 

Annette has earned numerous awards and professional achievements including:  

  • 2018 Ace Artist Residency, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
  • Silver Award, Prix de la PhotographieFrance 
  • Photolucida Critical Mass Finalist 
  • 2017 Nominee for the Photography Award Conceptual Category 
  • 2017/conceptual/hm/323 
  • 2014 First Runner UpUnlimited Grain Photography Contest, Rotterdam, Netherlands 
  • Critical Mass 2014 Finalist 
  • One Person Exhibition award, Alumni Exhibition Contest, MCA, Memphis, TN 
  • Curious Camera Competition, Honorable Mention 
  • 2012 Photolucida Critical Mass Finalist 
  • Tennessee Arts Commission Fellowship for an Individual Artist in Photography 
  • 2011 Emerging Photographer ScholarshipPalm Spring Photo Fest Slide CompetitionCA 
  • 2008 WinnerLomographics: Women Through the Lens Dianalogues Competition, International     

Born in Virginia, Annette currently lives in Memphis, TN. 

Annette’s artwork may be found at 

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