Meet the Children and Youth Services Team

Posted on August 22nd, 2019

Simpson’s Children and Youth Services (C & YS) Team supports the needs of individual children and their families through tutoring, mentoring, and parent education.  

“We’re going in and talking to parents, asking them important questions: What are your goals? How can I support you? What can we do together to support your child? What are things you want to do and how can we achieve that?” says C & YS Team Manager Jocelyn Pickreign. 

The mission of Simpson’s Children and Youth Services programs is to break the generational cycle of homelessness by partnering with parents to support children’s academic success, stability, and well-being. Jocelyn describes how her team embraces this mission daily: 

In the context of housing and homelessness, we look at how we can support the individual  and also change the larger system. We ask, ‘What does 13-yearold need in that moment? What are the systems that play around that and how can we consider and impact the long-term outcomes for that child and family?’ There is only so much that a child can achieve if systems don’t change. We have to impact homelessness and racism to end generational homelessness.”  

The talented Simpson C & YS team includes: 

  • Jocelyn Pickreign, Team Manager, ensures the high quality of the C & YS programs, provides coaching tstaff, and helps leverage the team’s skills to best support children and families. She believes strongly in the power of reading and relationships. 
  • Jamie Gates, Education Support Coordinator at Passage Community, is an amazing community builder. She supports the educational success of children and builds connections between families, staff, and community partners. 
  • Marissa Heim, Literacy Mentoring Program Coordinator, has a background in literacy development. She is incredibly knowledgeable about how children learn to read and how to encourage a love of reading. She is also skilled at teaching volunteers how to engage children through this positive mindset. 
  • Molly Dubois, Middle School Mentoring Coordinator, has a background in art and kinesthetic activity as a form of learning and healing. Jocelyn, shares one of her greatest strengths: “Molly is on the earth to be friends with middle schoolers!” 

Volunteers are at the heart of Simpson’s work. Working closely with the C & YS team is a remarkable group of more than 20 volunteer tutors and mentors.  

“We can’t do what we do without volunteers” says Jocelyn. “A cornerstone of our program is one-to-one relationships. Each child we work with is paired with a champion who supports strengths and areas of growth. I want to reassure potential volunteers  whatever you are bringing to a relationship, it is what the child needs. Just show up. It’s the relationship that matters.” 

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to attend one of our Introductory Sessions to learn more about Simpsons volunteer opportunities and strategies for success.

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