Meet Rebecca Bard, Simpson Intern

Posted on October 3rd, 2019

As a business intern with Simpson, Rebecca Bard has applied her accounting skills and immersed herself in reconciling bank statements, budgeting, learning financial software programs, and completing other finance-related projects. 

From the start, this Metropolitan State University senior has also demonstrated leadership and flexibility to support the needs of Simpson staff and participants. 

During the initial weeks of Rebecca’s internship, the Navigation Center, a temporary shelter operated by Simpson, was at full capacity providing a safe place for community members who had been living at the Hiawatha encampment. Rebecca helped as needed, assisting with the recruitment of new shelter advocates by conducting screening interviews over the phone. 

Several weeks into her internship, she was identified as the ideal candidate to lead Simpson’s new financial project  migrating an accounting system process to Quickbooks 

Donna Bauer, Simpson’s Director of Business Operations, describes why Rebecca was a great match: “Rebecca had shown leadership with project management and rose to the top as someone who could serve as a liaison between our consultant and me for this project. She’s proactive and self-directed  a problem-solver. Rebecca tries to figure it out herself before she asks for help.”  

The QuickBooks project involved transferring financial data for participants from Simpson’s current software program to QuickBooks. With the new program, participant financial information will be readily accessible to staff members who support participants receiving long-term housing support. Given the opportunity to regularly review this data, the goal is to help participants better understand their finances, budget, and make informed spending and saving decisions.  

Rebecca has found great reward working on the QuickBooks project: “I’m contributing to offer a service for clients, by providing accurate information for them to use,” she says. 

To facilitate a timely roll-out of the QuickBooks system, the project team expanded to include interns Sydney Louis, Haleigh Stratton, and Melissa Lee 

“The whole team showed a lot of dedication. The group has met regularly to discuss the project. They created a system to identify what needed to be completed and divided up the work. They’ve done a great job,” says Donna. 

With the QuickBooks project scheduled to conclude in a month’s time, Rebecca reflects on her internship experience: “I’ve really enjoyed the genuine and casual atmosphere at Simpson. The people are friendly and helpful. It’s also cool to do something more than helping make widgets or working on profit goals. Instead, we’re helping people who are struggling with homelessness. 

Rebecca will complete a tax and audit internship at another organization during the second half of the school year. After she graduates, she plans to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  

Thank you to Rebecca and the entire team for contributing to the success of QuickBooks!