Young Volunteer Supports Simpson Through Cereal Drive

Posted on December 12th, 2019

Eight-year-old Holtan wanted to help people experiencing homelessness. He also wanted to start a holiday giving tradition that would last throughout the year. Recalling the fun and meaningful experience his family had while serving two meals at Simpson’s shelter, Holtan decided to help guests at Simpson through a volunteer project.  

Holtan’s mom Stephanie reached out to Simpson’s volunteer coordinator Nahrissa, to find a flexible volunteer activity for an eight-year-old with a busy sports and activity schedule. A cereal drive seemed like a perfect fit, and Holtan was thrilled with the project. “When I told Holtan about the cereal drive, he loved the idea and got to work on designing a sign. We set up a donation box in our home to get the project started,” she says. 

Holtan and his mom worked together to engage neighbors and friends in the cereal drive. Holtan asked his school friends to participate, and Stephanie shared Holtan’s project with local friends on Facebook. Immediately friends and neighbors started to drop off cereal boxes. Holtan eagerly thanks his generous donors and continues to add boxes to the growing collection 

Holtan and his family plan to deliver the collected cereal boxes to Simpson’s shelter at the end of each month. Holtan collected and delivered eleven boxes of cereal during the first month of his donation drive. So far, he has collected nine boxes of cereal, twenty-five single servings of cereal, one blanket, and toiletries during the second month.  

Holtan is excited about the important work of helping people experiencing homelessness, and this community-minded third grader encourages more people to join in the effort: “Never forget about the homeless.  Call the homeless shelter and see what you can do.  Start thinking of ideas.  Know that there are many ways to help people who are homeless.  Ask your mom for help,” he says. 

Simpson Housing Services is grateful to our volunteers, like Holtan, who partner with us to help end homelessness. 

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