Meet Teddy and Sugar

Posted on December 30th, 2019

Teddy and Sugar

Teddy, one of our former shelter guests, found support and housing stability through Simpson’s shelter. We invite you to hear his story: 

“I was homeless for five years. I had an addiction. I am diabetic, and I wasn’t taking care of myself.   

For years, I saw a line outside Simpson United Methodist Church in my neighborhood. I didn’t know what it was for. One day, I decided to go there. I found out it was Simpson’s shelter. Robert, the shelter manager, invited me in, and everything changed.  

When I got into Simpson, I got into treatment. A doctor helped me get my diabetes under control. I was able to get back on track  get healthy. The staff helped me. They even made sure that my service dog, Sugar, was cared for when I was in shelter. 

I stayed at Simpson’s shelter for a little over a year. I realized that I wanted to do something with my life. I applied for housing support, and now I have my own place through Simpson. I’ve been in my own apartment for two and a half years  and I still go back to the shelter to drink coffee and hang out with people. 

There’s something special about Simpson. It’s the way the advocates talk with you. The staff are more friendly. They listen to you. Here, it’s different. You feel that you are between friends. I felt so comfortable at Simpson’s shelter  I could share anything with them. They respected me. I felt like I was at home.” 


Teddy and Simpson shelter managers Marian Wright and Robert Hofmann

Guests, like Teddy, overcome barriers and navigate their way to stability because of the connections and acceptance they experience through Simpson. As a low barrier shelter, we diminish barriers to help get people into shelter and housing. Once guests are with Simpson, they feel secure in the presence of a staff and community that knows and cares about them. Our shelter guests achieve positive outcomes with the support and resources Simpson provides. 

We hope you will work with us to help community members find the safe and stable housing they need and deserve. 

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