Meet John Green, Simpson’s Board President

Posted on February 13th, 2020

Simpson Housing Services is honored to announce John Green as our new board president.

John joined the board in 2015 and has been actively engaged in leading our mission to house, support, and advocate for people experiencing homelessness. During this time, he has served in various positions as a member of the Nominating Committee and Finance Committee in addition to providing leadership as Vice President of the board from 2018 to 2019. John believes his most important service is to Simpson participants and staff when he is serving meals and assisting with the annual Art 4 Shelter fundraiser. 

John brings valuable corporate and community perspectives to his work at Simpson.  Currently employed as a director at Ameriprise Financial Services, he has more than 20 years of experience in financial services, human resources, and delivering organizational success.   He has been consistently recognized for his leadership and ability to create outstanding results with the teams and processes under his direction.  John has also served as board president of the Minneapolis Urban League.

As Simpson’s board chair John encourages more community members to take an active part in solving the issue of homelessness: “We need to raise visibility of homelessness with our kids, community, and leaders. There is a role that everyone can play in ending homelessness. This is what Simpson is all about.”

John’s commitment to Simpson’s work is grounded in his own life experiences growing up in rural North Carolina. “Because of my own experiences I want to give back. I ask, ‘How can I help?’ How can I serve?’” This response guides his actions, as a father, professional, citizen, and Simpson board member.

Equipped with his own unique perspective and an equity lens, John seeks to better understand the impact of homelessness on individuals served through Simpson’s programs, many of whom have faced hardship and racial inequities:

“If you have ever been overlooked or marginalized you may be able to understand or begin to explore the experience of our neighbors experiencing homelessness.  “I understand the systemic factors that have minimized the availability of affordable housing for them and those they care about.  Listening and understanding their stories is critical in moving forward.”

John is excited for the opportunity to carry Simpson’s legacy forward. He considers it an honor to bring the community together and work with the board and staff to provide relationship-based supports that help people achieve long-term stable housing outcomes. His faithful commitment and prayer are to work and fight tirelessly, with all who are willing, to ensure everyone has somewhere safe to call home.

Serving on Simpson’s board of directors are nineteen talented members with a range of expertise including the lived experience of homelessness. “I’m excited to be in this circle of leaders,” says John. “We are a diverse group of people. Our personalities and careers are different. What brings us together at the end of the day is our mission and desire to end homelessness in the Twin Cities.”

Simpson’s board is energized by the extraordinary period of momentum at Simpson, including the construction of a new shelter at the site of Simpson United Methodist Church — the home of the current shelter — and the expansion of Simpson’s Family Housing Program. John describes how Simpson’s grounding leadership paves the path for the future:

“It’s an exciting time at Simpson, an exciting time of change. Last year, Simpson played a pivotal leadership role at the Navigation Center, helping a group of people in a time of need, find housing.  There is still a great need to end homelessness. We need to find a resolution. This season of change will support our efforts better than the past. It will allow us to help more people experiencing homelessness. Everyone has an opportunity to support. It’s a community effort.”