Community Meeting Notice on Simpson’s New Shelter Project

Posted on March 5th, 2020

Community Meeting Notice

  • Date: Tuesday, March 24th
  • Time:  6:00  pm – 7:00 pm
  • Location: SpringHouse Ministry Center | Lydia Meeting Room
  • 610 W. 28th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Whittier community members are invited to participate in a Community Meeting to provide feedback about a proposed amendment to the City of Minneapolis’ 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Nonprofit organizations Simpson Housing Services and Project for Pride and Living (PPL) are planning to redevelop 2740 1st Ave S, Minneapolis. The site’s current Built Form designation is Interior 3, which allows for a one to three story building. The amendment would change the 2740 1st Ave S parcel to Corridor 6, which would allow for 2 to 6 stories. The proposed development is 5 stories and changing the Built Form designation would allow for the creation of 42 new units of affordable housing. In addition, the development would replace the 70 bed shelter that has existed for 38 years with a modern and dignified shelter with additional services.

Given the stated goals of the Comprehensive Plan, and considering the Built Form designations of the immediately surrounding parcels, we feel that the proposed amendment creates an opportunity to further the 2040 Plan’s stated goals with limited impact on the Built Form environment envisioned by the current 2040 Plan.

Families with children are welcome to attend the Community Meeting. SpringHouse Ministry Center is ADA accessible and the Lydia Room is located on the Garden Level of the building. If you have questions about the project, or if you would like to request an interpreter, translated material, or a reasonable accommodation to participate in the meeting, please contact: Christina Giese at (612) 455-0859 or