Emergency Shelter

Thirty-eight years ago, Simpson began as an emergency overnight shelter in the basement of Simpson United Methodist Church. Today, we continue to provide critical services for 44 men and 22 women at our shelter, 365 days per year.

Guests are diverse in background, employment status, and physical abilities. Our guests also have a variety of experiences with domestic violence, mental illness, or chemical dependency. With dignity and respect we welcome each guest, recognize each person’s personal strengths and barriers, and offer a safe space where guests can explore stable housing options and resources.

Last year, 568 guests received a shelter bed, and 90 shelter guests moved directly into safe and stable housing.


What happens at Simpson’s shelter?

We are honored to walk alongside each person to navigate challenging barriers and find safe and stable housing. Through our person-centered work, we build meaningful relationships with each shelter guest and create a unique sense of community. When our shelter doors open, each guest is greeted by name. Advocates listen and meet guests where they are at, connecting them to resources, reducing risks that come from living on the streets, and creating paths to housing stability and improved well-being. 

Each night at the shelter, there is conversation and laughter between the shelter guests, staff, and volunteers. Shelter guests have the chance to connect with staff or just unwind by playing board games or watching TV. A hot, home-cooked meal is served to more than 100 dinner guests by caring volunteers each night. There is a warm bed for each of our overnight guests to sleep, 365 days per year. 

At the shelter, guests receive access to a number of basic services. These include showers, laundry, toiletries, mail, and a savings program. We also provide on-site healthcare, and referrals for mental health, and veteran’s services.

If you are in need of shelter, click here.


Our New Shelter Project

Simpson became the owner of the Simpson United Methodist Church property last spring, home of our current shelter. We are launching a new shelter project at the site.

Simpson’s board of directors and staff are committed to designing and executing a national best practice shelter model. This will include a low-barrier space with 70 beds and 42 units of permanent supportive housing that can be replicated in the Twin Cities and across the nation. We are planning to create a modern and dignified shelter, intentionally designed to meet the short-term housing needs of our shelter guests.

Click here to learn more about our new shelter.


Success Stories

At Simpson, we do the critical work of helping our shelter guests get stabilized back into the community through safe and sustainable housing. We are inspired by the uniqueness and perseverance of our shelter guests, as each person strives to attain individual goals, housing stability, and new possibilities.

Read guest success stories:

Rose’s Journey: Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty

Meet Teddy and Sugar



Our Shelter Volunteers

We rely on the generous support of hundreds of volunteers and donors to help us with basic operation of the shelter. Volunteers serve dinner nightly, provide breakfast, and make sandwiches for guests to take with them during the day. Generous donors donate supplies such as toiletries, cereal, and coffee, as well as basic clothing items like socks, underwear, and t-shirts. Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities.

Read about volunteers who support our shelter:

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Adult Shelter Connect

Adult Shelter Connect (ASC) is a collaboration between Simpson Housing Services and four other emergency shelter providers serving single adults in Hennepin County. Selected as the operator of ASC by Hennepin County, Simpson oversees the day-to-day operations of ASC on behalf of Minneapolis shelters. Single adults in need of emergency shelter visit ASC for assessment, shelter placement, and connection to community resources.

In Fiscal Year 2017/2018, 6,214 guests were served at Adult Shelter Connect.

Learn more about ways to volunteer at the emergency shelter or donate supplies.

If you need emergency shelter, please visit the Adult Shelter Connect office for an assessment and shelter placement.