Emergency Shelter

We provide safe, dignified shelter for 44 men and 22 women nightly. Guests are diverse in background, employment, physical abilities, and experiences with domestic violence, mental illness, or chemical dependency. Guests receive access to showers, laundry, toiletries, mail, and a savings program, as well as on-site healthcare, and referrals for mental health, and veteran’s services

Our shelter stays open with the generous support of hundreds of volunteers who serve a hot meal nightly, provide breakfast in the morning, make sandwiches for guests to take with them during the day, and donate supplies such as toiletries, coffee, and new basic clothing items like socks, underwear, and t-shirts.

In 2015, 862 individuals received a bed, while 975 additional men and women accessed services other than shelter and 104 individuals moved directly from our shelter into safe, stable housing.

We also operate the Adult Shelter Connect, the office where individuals experiencing homelessness go for information on placement into emergency homeless shelters in Hennepin County.

Learn more about ways to volunteer at the emergency shelter or donate supplies.

To stay at our shelter, or any single adult shelter in Minneapolis, please visit the Adult Shelter Connect office for an assessment and shelter placement.